Create a Dreamy Gallery Wall You’ll Love

Nothing beats a gallery wall for bringing wow-worthy visuals to a space. Even if your space is small, putting the focus on one wall for all your art and collectibles will have a bigger impact than scattering little artwork frames everywhere.

There are different styles of gallery walls to match any taste. You can choose a minimalistic approach or throw the rules out the window with an eye-pleasing eclectic gallery wall or salon wall.

A salon wall is like a collage of your favorite things. Include vintage art collections or shop for something new. For your wall, fancy lights online, modern prints, or a hanging tapestry can all be part of your gallery wall.

Often a gallery wall will include decorative wall lamps to brighten up a space. The key is to choose things that you want to look at every day. We’ve seen many things on gallery walls, including antlers, mirrors flanked by elegant wall lights, large beaded necklaces, plaques, tribal masks, hanging vases or small carved wood shelves with greens.