Benefits of table lamps

Ramp up the coziness. Ceiling lights in the entryway are convenient for sorting out your guest's coats at the end of the evening, but nothing is more welcoming than the warm glow of a shaded table lamp on an entryway console. 

In the living room, who can resist that cozy, relaxed feeling you get when sitting in your favorite chair, relaxing with a good book and a drink. 

Less invasive and more convenient than overhead lighting. In the bedroom, a pair of dimmable bedside lamps keeps soft light directed at a specific spot, so it’s less invasive to someone on the other side of the bed.

After a long day, after you’ve tucked away under the covers, the last thing you want to do is stretch across the nightstand to find the lamp cord switch. Battery-powered LED reading lamps with a knob switch are the perfect solution. What’s more, dimmable LED lamps can be set to a soft illumination to stay on as a nightlight.